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Homeschooling is not anymore what it used to be years ago. Way back, when you tell someone that your child is being homeschooled, they would give you a stare, a questioning look that says, “ what’s your problem?”, implying that you just made a weird decision of depriving your child of the so called “most important” aspect of learning  he would surely miss, “socialization”.

I used to think the same but the world is changing fast and so does the learning platforms that our 21st century learners are cut for. Homeschooling devoid of socialization is merely stereotyping! It is simply a myth which we all need to demystify.

Let me give you 5 facts I have personally witnessed with our TLP Homeschool Kids :

1. At TLP every homeschooler’s learning curriculum is planned. After taking the learning skills assessment, prescribing the learning modules aligned with their level is carefully planned, allowing them to learn at their own pace. If ever there are learning gaps found during assessment, we do address them to assure mastery of concepts before they move on to their prescribed lessons. Your child may be a Science pro but not a wiz when it comes to Math. Homeschooling perfectly fits every unique learning style. They won’t struggle to keep up with the rest like how it happens in a regular traditional school set-up. And they won’t get bored while waiting for the few others who are struggling to catch up.  Students can totally learn what they care about by choosing or designing their own electives along with their prescribed learning core. They can browse and study psychology in fourth grade, or finance in eighth grade. They could even learn robotics and master it as part of their art and science portfolio projects. They could even use technology to further fuel their daily lessons. The resources are limitless and immediate. They need not wait for their turn in using the computer or other needed equipment. 

2. TLP Homeschoolers don’t have to fall into the pit of a toxic school environment. Many critics claim that letting them fall hard into this pit is good for toughening their core. But kids who are bullied showed results that are otherwise.  More and more reasons for depression and anxiety are caused by bullying inside the corners of the classroom or within the vicinity of the school premises. And with the number of students the teachers are handling, most likely issues of emotional hurts bring scars that are not being addressed as prompt as it should be. As a result many of them opt to not to go to school and eventually drop out for the rest of the school year. I believe that homeschool kids just like any other kid would learn best in a harmonious and well-motivated environment. While homeschooling cannot totally promise a peer-pressure free environment, it goes a long way to reducing it. It reduces the pressures and stresses a child will be subjected as they struggle to learn, face social issues, puberty and adolescence as they could be given guidance as they transition from one stage to another. With homeschooling every student is better prepared to face the harshness of life with the right attitude and mindset. Going through the toughness in life is a reality they would never be free from undergoing.

3. Contrary to the name “homeschooling”, this learning track does not actually take place inside the home alone. Actually, they have more freedom to study and explore outside the confines of their homes.  Homeschooling takes place in an actual home only a fraction of their time. They could freely go to parks, libraries, local museums, dams, laboratories, farms etc in order to learn hands-on about the specific topics covered in their lessons. These open -learning experiences make homeschoolers more adept to interacting with people in authority. They get to mature more quickly and develop open-mindedness since they spend more time with adults and experts in the field. I am able to compare them to those students confined in a regular school and I could say, they achieve more in the long run. Being able to control the curriculum gives every homeschool parent the freedom to teach their child the values they believe in without relying on well-intentioned strangers. 

 4. We’ve handled several batches of academically inclined homeschoolers who took competitive exams in top high schools and universities locally and even abroad, and I get to be continually amazed as they just not pass but even top the tests even without undergoing or enrolling in review centers.  I do agree with the multiple studies that show homeschoolers perform better on tests, suffer no social awkwardness and are happier with their lives. In fact, homeschooling can give your children the freedom to excel by eliminating restrictive curriculums. A 2009 study showed that the proportion of homeschoolers who graduated from college was about 67%, while among public school students it was 59%. Students from Catholic and private schools fell even lower in college graduation rates, with 54% and 51% of kids, respectively, completing all four years. Every year families who opt to homeschool their kids increase by 30% to 40%. The educational limits of homeschooling are simple: you and your children are limited only by what you choose to do (or not do).

5. TLP as a DEPED accredited homeschool provider gives you the greater edge! Having been operating its homeschool program for 20 years to date can truly boast about its graduates and the homeschool community that it has established through the years. Our homeschool learning systems and interactive homeschool support programs and dynamic activities are in place. However, we still continue to grow as we are totally committed to continuous improvement.  With all the various needs, reasons for homeschooling and status of the many families we serve who opted to homeschool their kids, we can proudly say that they have never been left behind. Actually they have become more adaptive to change and even exceedingly excelled in pursuing their passion and chosen careers compared to their peers who had learned in a very controlled and structured environment.  I see eyes that glimmer and hearts that flutter when they share their homeschool journey but most of all, I see parents who exudes joy for choosing to be brave. It was not an easy feat to homeschool a child but seeing them bloom in the most natural and even exceptional way is more than fulfilling. We aim to reach more children through homeschooling and see more parents leave a legacy of a life, well-lived!

All we need is to understand the core of homeschooling. With a reliable, tested, stable and fully accredited homeschool provider, your  homeschool child need not be imprisoned and be stigmatized by what skeptics hold on to. With TLP Homeschool, we give all the support that we can to ensure that your child is perfectly in good hands. 

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