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At The Learning Place International we take every student seriously. It involves a careful assessment of the curriculum we offer, the enrolment process, onsite and online teachers and staff support, and the documentation legalities and proper licensing of both our school and the affiliate homeschool support centers under our umbrella. We critically think about the direction we want our institution to go and of course the reputation that our students will carry beyond homeschooling. The Learning Place strives to meet all educational standards and even surpass what other homeschool organizations offer. Most of all, our aim is to exceed the expectations of our students and the families we serve.

It is best to educate yourself carefully when selecting the best homeschooling institution for your family.  It is important to consider a homeschool partner that has an accreditation that can give you peace of mind plus a solid assurance of a customized learning experience fit for your child. 

Here are eight reasons why.

1. DepEd Accreditation protects you and your homeschooling rights

When you work with a homeschool provider accredited by the Department of Education, you’re safely under their   umbrella of protection. It means that they have already undergone rigorous evaluation on established educational and legal standards that ensures you that all your child’s hard work will be given proper credit that will be recognized in any other school or even career your child will pursue in the future. TLP having been in operations for 20 years and counting can assure you of its track record and stability as a fully accredited educational institution under the Department of Education.  

2. Assurance of Legalities of Homeschool Affiliate Centers  in the Philippines and OFW Children : Accreditation , Certifications and Proper Licensing is a must

 It is very important to check and ensure legalities of an affiliate homeschool provider overseas (for OFW Children) before enrolling them in the program. These are the following that must be met and scrutinized to make sure that your child’s homeschool is properly credited and his /her enrolment is secured: 

•    A legit address and physical office in the country or area where homeschool services are offered*

•    Proper licensing of the business office of the affiliate center from the Department of Education of  (i.e.KHDA/ADEC/ACVET etc) their country  which clearly stipulates homeschooling as part of their services or course offering

•    A copy of an officially signed and notarized Homeschool Affiliation Agreement and Certificate of Affiliation with a DEPED accredited main school- homeschool provider in the Philippines *

•    Official testing Area where Learning Skills Assessment and Mastery Evaluation are conducted *

•    A copy of the Annual Business Permit/SEC of both the Affiliate Center and Accredited Homeschool Provider to assure you of its continued operations and compliance to corresponding municipal/government laws and business regulations* 

•    Full time admin staff of both the Affiliate Center and Accredited Homeschool Provider who are assigned to* secure records/school documents as well as fully support and monitor academic and non-academic performance and compliance of students and parents in the homeschool program requirements*

•    School Calendar where homeschool events and activities are planned to fully support socialization of homeschool kids and their families*

Note : *Requirements for local homeschool affiliate centers in the Philippines

3. Accreditation assures you of proper record keeping and other required school documentations and certifications

When you work with an accredited homeschool provider, you will be guided and provided the prescribed curriculum/required subjects  for your child’s level, right computation of  grades and proper  record keeping reflected in the  periodical/ annual progress report card, official transcript of records,  credits/units earned, transfer credentials, DEPED’s Learner’s Reference Number , grade level promotion and other pertinent certifications and documents.

4. An Accredited diploma serves as a strong and valid credential when you enter college or universities 

When you child is ready to apply for college or university, his diploma serves as a strong credential validating the learning competencies he has gained upon graduation. The diploma assures the college or university that the homeschool student can handle vigorous college/university work giving them the same opportunities or even more than his peers.

5.  An accredited transcript allows you to easily transfer back into a traditional school when the need arise.

Though we believe that homeschooling is the best set-up for a superior learning experience for your child, there might be some unavoidable circumstances when he needs to go back to traditional school set-up. Without an accredited transcript, chances are your child will not be admitted or will have a hard time complying with all the entry requirements and grade level promotion.  It will even be harder for you to gain entry in the honor’s list and other extra-curricular programs and activities your child is vying. A Transcript of Records from an accredited homeschool school provider gives you the ability to easily transfer your child knowing that they have passed the standards and all that they have learned and worked for are well -credited.

6. Accreditation ensures that your homeschool provider is continuously upgrading and improving as a legitimate educational institution.

Accreditation is not easy to obtain. It is a long and arduous task for all schools aspiring to have one, most of all for schools opting to have a homeschool program as one of its program and services. It is an ongoing process that does not end after complying with all the requirements needed for the accreditation paper to be granted. A periodic/annual evaluation, school operations and processes assessment and site review continue for renewal purposes to ensure that the school is maintaining its standards and even exceeding what has been initially established. This gives you the valuable confidence that your homeschool program is progressively improving as it is rigorously being monitored which totally tells you  that the success rate it claims is fully guaranteed.

7. An accredited homeschool provider must have transparency to all the papers and documentations that guarantee legitimacy of its operation

Make sure that you get the full value of what you paid for. An accredited homeschool under DEPED must not just verbally inform but concretely show you its DEPED School ID Number registered in the DEPED School Masterlist; show you hardcopies of its  Recognition/Annual Permits, Certifications of Trainings and Licenses; provide you with their SEC License Number and corresponding Articles of Incorporation where  specific grade levels of  its homeschooling  services is properly and clearly stipulated.

8. Accreditation means local and global opportunities for the future of your homeschool child

Every student deserves all the opportunities he can get in this world. The documentation and records that would be requested and issued to your child ensures you that what he has is legit and can pass  global/international standards accordingly when they apply for athletic and academic scholarships, jobs etc. Accreditation should never be compromised, so does the future dreams of your child! 

With TLP, as your homeschool provider, you are more than confident that all these are well -provided and fully secured for your child. We will support your homeschooling journey all the way!  You have the full access to a superior and competitive learning environment that perfectly fits the condition and  learning style of your precious child!

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