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United Nations Day has been a yearly celebration TLP Warriors look forward to and prepare for. In the cafeteria and in the school gym, students chatter about what they will wear and what nation they’ll represent.

But what is this celebration really about? How can UN Day be more than just a parade of flags and costumes?

A day to celebrate the goals and achievements of UN

The UN Day marks the anniversary of the UN Charter which was signed on 24 October 1945. This Charter explains why UN exists and how it can fulfill its purpose. Beginning from the signing of this charter, the UN-participating countries—the Philippines included—have since ventured into different ways to promote peace, friendly relations, and international cooperation.

Since UN Day is also about living harmoniously with people and the environment, TLP makes use of the event to launch its yearly school-wide Eco-Awareness Program.

A day to recognize the unique culture of international students

Being an international school, TLP exposes its students to different cultures through World History classes and special sessions done by visiting international students, e.g. Instant Reader learners from Vietnam and Korea.

The friendships forged between local and international students are also one of the biggest factors that help promote an appreciation of cultural diversity within the school. The UN Day Celebration of TLP reinforces this appreciation as the school continues to build a sense of unity-in-diversity among its students.

A day of friendship and fun

UN Day wouldn’t be as fun for kids without costumes, flags, and lots of games. This is why TLP celebrates UN Day with dress-ups, parade, stories, games, and-- of course-- food.

TLP invites all its students from both the Homeschool and Regular school to join the fun on Friday, October 26.

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