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A meaningful and timely research presentation and discussion took place on April 14 during TLP’s Re.Act 2018: Science-Math Project Based Learning Summit. Held at UPLB NCAS Auditorium, the Warriors presented small-scale researches related to mental health and learning difficulties, as well as dance and poem performances.

The Sci-Math Fair became a great avenue for exchanging information that proved relevant especially in the face of increasing incidences of learning difficulties, screen dependency, depression, and teen suicide. The Grade 6 Innovators class led the discussions as they presented their research findings and answered all questions the panel and the audience had about their topics. Below are feature stories written by the Innovators themselves about the event and their experiences in preparing for it.

 Four Teams: Reacting and Competing Jamie Ricalde

ENDURE, BOIL, NutriLife, and UNIQUE were the four teams that competed for the award Project RE. Act of the year. There was an intense competition among the teams which included the problems regarding the youth. The panel of Judges had a hard time choosing the winner but, in the end, they were all winners.

Here are the awards:

NutriLife- Best Logo

UNIQUE- Best Visual Presentation

ENDURE- Project Re.Act of the year

BOIL- Best Presenter

“We are all winners, there are no losers,” said Prof. Violeta Quintana, one of the judges.

On the other hand, The Ambassadors and Navigators performed special numbers which were powerful, exciting, enthusiastic, and passionate. The Ambassadors performed a poem with a lot of power. Through this, they told us to give care to our environment. The Navigators were into their music. They showed love for what they were doing. The event was held in NCAS Auditorium on April 14, and there were many stalls who sold products.

Team BOIL Mark Sebastian Montevirgen

During the first day of preparations, which was on March 26, I saw that all groups were making survey questions. In my group, BOIL, we were doing the same thing plus making our PowerPoint. On the second day, we did the same thing. On the third, we met up with our resource speaker, Professor Kristine Reyes.

The following week, which is Holy week, I was in Marinduque. Despite that, I still helped my group by making our PowerPoint. Honestly, my mom helped me research on our topic. She also helped me with the PowerPoint.

When I returned, they let me know that they did the survey. After that, we touched up the presentation. I noticed that the other groups were still doing their survey. It turns out they did their PowerPoint first. The fair was finally this Saturday, meaning we had around three weeks for preparations.

During the fair, the speech of our resource speaker, Professor Kristine Reyes blew my mind. It turns out there were many things I did not know about Screen Dependency Syndrome (even though I was formerly affected). Did you know? Our team got the Best Team Presenters award! Did you enjoy the fair? Because I did. I hope you learned at least something!

A Detailed Methodology:  How the Team ENDURE Came to be Kym Lantican

It all started on the day Teacher Lei announced the official group members and their assigned topics. Before she assigned the groupmates, Teacher Lorna let the Innovators choose their own groupmates but in secrecy. This acted as our randomizer. And, apparently, the names Ally, James, Nea, and Kym were listed under the “Mental Health awareness” tab.

The groups were given, with me as the leader and Alena as the PowerPoint creator, and team names were chosen (I chose the name “Endure”). But it was only a few days later when our team started to work. And at that time, the only thing that I was able to do was an outline. Turns out, my other groupmates didn't do much as well. (Except Alena. Kudos to Alena).

On our first SciMath fair meeting during our Science class, I thought my team was the worst team so far. The others already had draft PowerPoints but all my team had was a piece of paper with just the outline. It was a few days later when real progress was achieved. We researched and I wrote scripts. Everything was going good but we were forgetting the survey.

I've always thought that the survey wasn't that relevant to our presentation, but in fact it was.  And team Endure was falling behind again. Our survey needed a lot of editing and our resource speaker had to be changed. We finished conducting and tallying the survey within two days. Nice.

 Then we had to work on the PowerPoints. Our PowerPoint idol was Junelle. I gave her a head start and soon the PowerPoint was done, but not quite— still needs more editing.

Soon we had our Teacher’s and Resource Speaker’s approval, and all that was needed was the final PowerPoint and script. The next few weeks were calm. Everyone was successfully doing his/her roles. On the day before the SciMath fair, we did some last edits and we were the first group to finish completely. Niiice.

Mental health is a serious thing, and I was glad I get to take part on raising its awareness. The main points I wanted the audience to know is that depression is real and can occur at any age, even among children as young as 6. I also wanted to let them know that it's not “cool” to have mental illnesses what-so-ever, and that it is not to be joked about. I want everyone to know this. I could've written this in the script, but it would take too long to present. At least it's written here. Know y'all know.


“depression is real and can occur at any age, even among children as young as 6. I also wanted to let them know that it's not “cool” to have mental illnesses what-so-ever, and that it is not to be joked about.”

Kym Iriz Lantican

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