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Extra-curricular activities are school-led endeavors outside the scope of a school’s regular academic curriculum. TLP believes that such activities are important to provide holistic education, promote healthy hobbies, and create spaces for socialization and friendship-building.  

Recognizing students’ varied interests, TLP has five school clubs learners can involve in. Each club is mentored and supervised by selected TLP teachers and meets once every week, except on examination weeks. The clubs are open for 3rd to 6th graders from the regular classes and homeschool program.


·    Free Souls

Musically inclined students join Free Souls. This club is where students can develop or enrich their skills in singing and playing musical instruments. Free Souls perform during major school programs like School Devotions and Grandparents’ Day. The group also organizes a Christmas caroling every December to raise funds for humanitarian causes or to purchase instruments for the club.

·    Young Authors’ Club

Young Authors’ Club (YAC) is a perfect fit for students who like to stitch together words to convey their thoughts and feelings. Students in this club learn and practice different types of writing, such as news writing, short story, poetry, essay, and blogs. They also get to read together, share about books they like, and know about some well-known local and foreign authors. YAC also leads the writing and production of the school’s newspaper and literary folio.

·    Free Hands

Free Hands is the club for hands that are into arts and crafts. This club provides opportunities to learn and practice different techniques in drawing, painting, designing, and photography. Members of the club also learn about paper crafts and any other skill related to visual arts. Free Hands organizes visits to local art exhibits and museums to enrich members’ appreciation of art. The club also has a yearly exhibit of its members’ artworks set up at TLP campus. 

·    Talkshoppe


Talkshoppe helps enrich students’ public speaking skills and channel the skill into hosting, storytelling, and acting. This club leads in creating live and video commercials for major school events, storytelling during School Devotions, and hosting/emceeing in selected school programs.

·    Free Moves

The Free Moves club explores different types of dance like modern, folk, jazz, hip-hop, and interpretative dance. Members are also given opportunities to select dances they wish to practice as well as choreograph for selected performances. Free Moves performs in major school events and leads physical exercises during School Devotions. The club culminates yearly through a Dance Off where club members divide into teams, show off their talents, and compete.


The school clubs give spaces for students to share their talents, develop new skills, and enrich their abilities. Auditions for the club usually happen during the first month of the school year. For more information, get in touch with your child’s class adviser or the School Admin Office.

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